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Lynn Strong

Lynn Strong, Reporter

Hi! I’m Lynn Strong. I am most commonly known as ‘one of the triplets’, but most people have trouble remembering which one I am, thanks to my parents for naming us all with the first letter being L. I am a sophomore, and in addition to being in Knightly Scroll (which I just joined this year) I am involved in many other things. I am currently in Knight Rhythms show choir, which is the small mixed group, and A New Vision show choir, in which everyone in show choir comes together to perform as one show choir. I am also playing piano for Premiere Edition, the all-girls group, which I was in last year. I was props master for 12 Angry Jurors. I was a village girl and soldier for Cinderella, so I got to dress up as a dude for a couple scenes, then I continued the show as a peasant girl, which was interesting. I am very excited to continue with East Noble theater this year! I took part in performing in A Night with Rogers and Hammerstein musical revue, which was with Gaslight Playhouse. I have been taking piano and music theory lessons from my grandma for almost 6 years. I am a part of Interact Club, and I am excited to have the opportunity to give back to the community. I am very involved with my church, especially in my youth group. Something random about me is that I recently have learned to crochet and am planning to donate some of my creations to local hospitals. I am very interested in the medical field, and I currently would like to study to become a physician.

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