Almost Maine: A Real Romantic Comedy


East Noble Theatre is proud to present their production of Almost, Maine this week on February 14th, 15th, and 17th. The show times are at 7 pm on the 14th and 15th and at 2 pm on the 17th. This production is under the direction of Mr. Darren Sible, an East Noble theatre alumnus and current East Noble English teacher. The cast consists of 4 girls and 4 guys, who each portray two or more characters. Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy consisting of nine short skirts, in which each of the characters realize their love, lack of it, and everything in between. These skits are set in the fictional area of Almost, Maine, and while the setting is centered in realism, the events that occur have a touch of magic. These unnatural events, such as two people who literally “fall” for the other or a woman who carries her broken heart in a bag, are triggered by the Northern Lights. From the brilliant Northern Lights to the witty dialogue, to the heart-wrenching emotions portrayed, there is no doubt that you will be entertained. For more information on tickets, go to We hope to see you there!