ENHS Unified Track and Principal Longenbaugh are up for national Award.

East Noble High School Unified Track and Field team and Principal Kathy Longenbaugh received word that both have been named finalists in the Varsity Brands Spirit Awards.

The Varsity Brand Spirit Awards is a national program recognizing schools for their commitment to sportsmanship and spirit.  There are 25 categories and East Noble was named a finalist in two, principal and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Longenbaugh will compete against five other principals in the nation for the award.  She has a chance to earn $3,000 if she wins the award. She was recommended by English teacher Matt Rickey and guidance counselor Lindy Munson.

“I am very humbled to receive the nomination and be a finalist,” Longenbaugh said.  “It is a joy and privilege to serve East Noble High School staff and students.”

Longenbaugh said if she wins the $3,000 she will put it into the student account to use for even better programs for the students at EN.

Rickey and Munson both outline the things Longenbaugh has brought to East Noble in their nomination letters.

“(Mrs. Longenbaugh) knows that many students will spend as much more time here in school than they do at home,” Rickey said. “As a result, she has made (and is making) East Noble a second home/haven for her students.”

“It’s the little things.  Little things that add up to big things.  Big things that change culture.  All works of our school principal, Kathy Longenbaugh,” Munson said.

“What many students might not realize is this is a special school, and their principal Kathy Longenbaugh is in no small way responsible for the positive environment we all enjoy,” Rickey added.

The unified track and field team competes against nine other schools for their award.  Ryan Pepple nominated the unified track and field team.   If the school wins, it will also receive $3,000.

“I believe sportsmanship is not one act of kindness,” Pepple said  “Sportsmanship is a way of life.”

“Encouragement is needed no matter the skill level and no matter the setting,” Pepple added.  “My Spirit of Sportsmanship story is difficult to sum up with one particular story because our kids demonstrate sportsmanship every day whether it be on the track, in the classroom, in the hallways, eating lunch in the cafeteria or throughout the community.  They set an example that is contagious.”

There will be an award show at Disney World May 9 where the team and Longenbaugh will find out if they won.