Thangvijit returns to ENHS

Did you know that Miss Thangvijit, our new tenth grade English teacher, is not completely new? She originally began teaching here at East Noble High School about eight years ago, for about three years. After her three years of teaching here at EN, she moved to coaching technology to the teachers at the elementary level. She then coached technology for five years.
She said she missed the interaction of teaching students, so she decided to come back to teaching at the high school level.
Miss Thangvijit, who goes by Miss T, teaches tenth grade English, but also has an eleventh and twelfth grade class as well.
She will be coaching the E-Sports team, and Robotics team with Mr. Kimmell.
Fun fact about Miss T, she started the Robotics Team at both Wayne Center Elementary and North Side Elementary! Miss T said she loves to teach E-Sports because she said she loves diving deep and making yourself a better player.
Miss Thangvijit is originally from Michigan, so teaching at EN was the closest thing to Michigan. She went to Lake Eerie for all of her elementary school years. Then, for her middle and high school years, she attended Centerville School. She lived right outside of Sturgis, MI, and currently lives in Avilla, IN. Miss T has two older brothers that she gets along with nicely. One brother is ten years older than her, and the other brother is eight years older than her. Since they were so much older than her, she got to know them better as adults, rather than when they were growing up. Miss T’s dad is originally from Thailand, so as a kid, they ate a lot of Thai food. Her favorite food, which happens to be a Thai dish, is Rat Na, which is a dish made with stir fried noodles, meat, garlic, mushrooms, and gai tan. 
She said she chose EN because she had heard good things about the technology that we offer here, “I think it’s a good thing for students to learn how to use technology for the future. And it’s just fun!”
So far, Miss T said she is happy that she chose to come back and teach again at East Noble. She said her favorite part was the students and the staff. Miss T has a dog named Toby. Toby is a nine-year-old cocker spaniel. Miss T likes to set up obstacle and agility courses for Toby to run. Miss Thangvijit also has a horse named Kiddy. Kiddy is a twenty-one-year-old half Arabian, half Paint horse. Miss T says that even though she is twenty-one, she “still acts like she’s three though”. Miss T does not ride Kiddy for competition, but rather rides her for fun. She enjoys camping with her horse and riding her on trails. Miss Thangvijit has two places that she would like to vacation to, Greece and New Zealand. She said that she would want to visit Greece because the pictures she has seen look incredible. She thinks that it would just be a cool place to visit for the scenery, and to take pictures at. “It would just be a fabulously wonderful trip!”
She  said she also would like to visit New Zealand because she is obsessed with Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand, so she would like to see where the magic was made. Her favorite Lord of the Rings is The Fellowship of the Ring because, “the other two you can’t see or enjoy without the first one. This one is kind of a standalone instead, she said.”
She said her favorite character is Sam. “He is the unsung hero, and the main character, Frodo, couldn’t have succeeded without him,” she said. She explained that an “unsung hero” is a character in the story that deserves a lot more recognition than they are given. That character usually does something important, but since they are more behind the scenes, they don’t get the kudos that they deserve.