Show Choir returns with a new look: Masks

Singing and dancing in masks? You bet. Despite the unknown future of this winter’s competition season for show choir, director Mr. Mettert has been determined to give his students as many opportunities as possible for them to develop their abilities as performers. After the previo

us season’s cancellation of the last competition before state qualification, and the cancellation of an in-person end of the year concert, current show choir students have been ecstatic to finally get back in the choir room.

Opening up show choir has introduced new challenges such as how to learn partner choreography while maintaining social distancing and how to sing in masks, but these are minor tradeoffs for keeping students safe while being able to continue with this extracurricular. Students have been very excited to finally perform for an audience by hosting a limited capacity concert for family members.


The three show choirs will have similarly themed shows this year, all focusing on espionage. For East Noble’s small mixed group, Knight Rhythms, their show will be themed after the character Carmen SanDiego. East Noble’s unisex show choir will be inspired by spies and the James Bond series. Finally, the large mixed show choir, A New Vision, will have a show themed around revolution. Regardless of the future of the competition season, it is definite that the East Noble Show Choirs will continue their tradition of excellence in performance.