EN Girls take John Reed Relays

John Reed Relays were held at East Noble High School on April 28. Ten schools should be up to goagainst the girls’ and boys’ track teams. The East Noble girls were the biggest target this year as for thepast seven years East Noble has won the John Reed Relays meet. With 40-degree weather, you couldsee all the Girls dancing in the rain with their speakers on before the meet started. The long jump andpole vault had to be scratched because of the weather. Even though they were having fun even if theywere all wet. With the wind, rain, and cold temptations, the East Noble girl pushed through even in badweather. At the end of the meet Lauren Munson’s PR in disk with 90.3 feet getting close to the schoolrecord and ten over her last PR. She earned the 2023 Rich Anderson Most Valuable Player for Girlsaward. For the eighth year in a row, East Noble girls had won again with 103.2 points while Angola camesecond with 91.3. You could see all the soaked girls jumping and screaming in excitement. All of thempromised they will win it again. They all hope to have a ten-year win.