EN Welcomes Brooke Richison, Social Studies teacher


East Noble welcomes Ms. Brooke Richison as a new social studies teacher. Brooke went to Huntington North High School and attended Huntington University.

In her senior year of high school, she did not plan to be a teacher but she said she joined a program where she went to an elementary school for half days to be a teacher assistant and she fell in love with it. 

Brooke said the best part of teaching is building relationships with students by asking random questions of the day with a microphone and acting like she is interviewing them.

She said the accomplishments that fill her with pride about teaching so far are when she makes the presentation spicy for her government students and her students get interested about the topic and think it’s fun. 

When it comes to remembering her students name, Brooke said she overuses names and repeats it over and over again until she remembers it. 

She said a positive attitude makes a good day for her, when her students are in a good mood, and when she’s in a good mood it makes her day a good day. The most embarrassing moment for her during teaching is when she carries a coffee cup around and spills her coffee legitimately everyday. 

A fun fact is that she does wedding videography, every weekend she goes to a wedding to film a video.

She said if she is given a chance she would take her students to Washington DC because that’s where everything happens and she would take her US History students to the holocaust museum. 

She said her goal this year is to make it to at least one sporting event because she hasn’t seen a bowling or tennis match before.