Show Choir Retreat 2018

This weekend, East Noble show choirs went to Camp Potowatomi for our annual retreat. The retreat, which has been going on for 30 years has many traditions, some of which have been there since the start! Through the mixer; web; bonfire; dorms; talent show etc it is a great way to bond with the group.
There are a variety of fun activities. Here are a few examples.
The Web works by our director complimenting someone, then passing them a ball of red yarn while still holding on to a strand of yarn. This continues until everyone has been complimented and is holding a piece of the yarn. This makes the yarn look like a web that connects all of us together. As each class is instructed to let go over their yarn, the web deforms. This symbolizes how being united as a group is integral to functioning as as a strong group.
The talent show is required of all show choir members, and is filled with acts that range from singing, beatboxing, a short skit, telling dad jokes, a secret handshake, or even ASMR. These acts can be very entertaining, and while the talent show took longer than usual, it was a great way to see the wide variety of talent in our show choir.
The mixer is a big dance party where show choir members dress up in costume, according to the theme picked by the seniors (this year was Hollywood).
An unexpected way to get to know others is through the dorms. The girls were split into 2 rooms, and boys shared a room, so it was easy to get to know people you wouldn’t usually talk to.
A unique thing we do is write on compliment papers. Seniors have huge white papers, while everyone else has small construction papers, with each member’s name on one. It is posted for the whole weekend, and is written with compliments from fellow show choir members. Everyone takes their own back home, as a reminder of our show choir family.
Another tradition done every year at the retreat is our candle lighting ceremony. This is a time when the seniors, who each have a candle, talk about how show choir and the people in it have impacted them. As each senior finishes, they pass the flame on their candle to the next senior’s candle. Once the seniors have finished, it is passed down to the juniors who pass it on to sophomores, who pass it on to freshmen. The symbolism of the candle is that everyone is a light, and if even one goes out it isn’t as bright, so we have to be the light and support one another. It is usually a very tearful time as seniors have to face saying goodbye to the people and group they cherish.

It is also a very productive weekend. On Saturday, from 7:30am to 6pm, we work on choreography and vocals for our shows, which we will be competing with during the months January, February, and March. Retreat can be very exhausting, for example one unnamed student drank fifteen cups of coffee in a day, but the hard work is needed to get our show ready in time for competition season. Mrs. Mettert, our assistant director, will teach one group proper vocal technique and vocals for songs that will be put in their show, while Mr. Mettert, our head director, teaches choreography to the other group. We always have time during the day to perform what we have learned for the parents and other groups. Thank you so much to the community and parents for donating so that we can go on this amazing opportunity every year.