Girls Cross Country Senior Spotlight: Kyra Warren


When people hear the word “running,”  people are so quick to whine or groan. However, that doesn’t always apply to our cross country team runners. The girls have advanced to Regionals this year, a major achievement for the team. These girls are tough, determined, and go-getters. Especially our very own Kyra Warren.

Kyra has been running cross country races since 5th grade but she didn’t really grasp a passion for it until her freshmen year in high school. Her standing personal record is 20 minutes and 7 seconds but she’s striving to break 20 minutes soon enough! Her favorite memories are from summer practices/workouts. Practices aren’t “crazy hard workouts” – as Kyra put it – but running alongside your friends. It’s a close-knit team where everyone is family.

“Cross country has impacted me more than anything in my high school career. It is how I made almost all of my friends, became involved in other school activities, and grew as a person and a leader.”

Kyra advised incoming freshmen – as well as current freshmen – to definitely try cross country. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good or fast runner. Even if you don’t think you could run 3 miles, you could be surprised by how much you can do with the encouragement of others and your coaches. “Cross country teaches you perseverance, determination, and sportsmanship.” It is more than just constant running, it’s a sport that builds character and leaders. Most of all it’s a great way to make friends and become involved.

As of now, Kyra will not be running cross country in college but focusing on her degree. “This is a very hard choice for me because cross country is my passion.” Nevertheless, Kyra has planned to keep competing and being supportive of the East Noble cross country team, no matter where destiny leads her.

“What I will miss most is my team and being a part of that family. They are people that I laugh and cry with daily. Doing a sport that I love with people that I love is something I will never forget and always miss.”