East Noble Defeats Two Rivals

East Noble Defeats Two Rivals
East Noble’s gymnastics team won Saturday, Jan. 23 with a score of 96.850 against Warsaw that had a score of 
92.250 and Plymouth that had a score of 88.150.
Four events took place during the competition: the vault, the bars, the [high] beam, and the floor. East
Noble won overall for all the events except for the vault. Plymouth took first with a 25.800 followed East
Noble with a 25.150.
The best score a gymnasts could get is a 10. For the vault individual scores Haley Haney got a 7.950,
Maddie Fortman got a 8.550, Elizabeth Molen got a 8.650. For the bars individual scores Fortman got a
7.400, Molen got a 7.850, Brianna Glass got a 8.500. On the [high] beam Haney got a 6.450, Oliva Drerup
got a 7.100, Glass got a 8.400, Molen got a 7.150, Fortman got a 7.600. For the floor routines, 
Drerup got a 6.400, Haney got a 7.050, Molen got a 8.750 and Fortman got a perfect 9.000 on her floor
The meet was a great night for East Noble gymnastics.