EN Softball Wins Against Warsaw


The Lady Knights won 5-1 during their varsity softball game vs. the Warsaw tigers on Tuesday, April 12. As far as scoring goes, there were no runs by either team in the first two innings. A few players got on the bases but no one made it all the way home for either team. In the second inning, second baseman Madi Franks caught an excellent pop fly that was going towards right field.

In the third inning, Warsaw scored one point, putting them in the lead for the moment. Then the Knights went up and senior Taylor Koegler hit a home run over the fence, bringing three girls home and putting the Knights in the lead.

“Even though Warsaw scored the first run, we knew that we were the stronger team and didn’t let that get to us,” said senior Kelli Brennan. “We ultimately came out on top because of it.”

During the fifth inning, a lot of the girls started bunting. Franks bunted and Koegler scored. The seventh inning ended with the knights having five runs and the tigers having one.