EN Wrestling Defeats East Allen on Senior Night


Tuesday, November 24 was the first home wrestling meet. It was also senior night. If you weren’t there, you missed out on some exciting matches. The crowds were cheering as many of the matches were won by East Noble. The varsity wrestling team won 46 to 31 against East Allen.

For JV matches they have two wrestling mats out on the main gym floor. This allows two matches to happen simultaneously. However, JV matches don’t keep final scores—only personal scores that the wrestlers try their best to beat. When the varsity teams wrestle, they put a mat away so only one match is going on. In these matches, each wrestler has his own personal score, and that score contributes to the overall score.

Nick Babyak on the varsity team won his match and received a standing ovation from an audience whose members cheered at the top of their lungs. He won and earned East Noble six points.

Nathan DeMuyt had a more challenging round since many of the moms in the crowd yelled at him as two of the coaches also tried to tell him what to do. Everyone yelled at him was because his opponent was holding his legs so he
couldn’t move.

DeMuyt and Trevor Rainey both had a rough night. DeMuyt ended up bleeding, and Rainey needed hydrogen peroxide on his arm.

“We could’ve won by more points,” said Asia Ledesma. “We had a tough match. Over all we did good and we’ll get better and better throughout the season.”