East Noble JV Volleyball Destroys Lakeland

East Noble’s JV volleyball team played Lakeland on September 8 and won the first two matches, giving them the win. The first match was won by East Noble 25-10. The second match East Noble won 25-11.

Starting off the first match are Lexy Rhoades, Sydney Puckett, Sara Shultz, Halle Beiswanger, Dani Foster, and Sara Weber. After one point the two teams are tied. Then Lakeland takes the lead, only for them to tie again at the second point before East Noble takes the lead. Many great blocks by Foster. They tie again at five and six points, and Lakeland takes the lead. They tie at eight points with East Noble running ahead after many great serves by Puckett, followed by an awesome save by Rhoades that was then set by Beiswanger and spiked by Weber.

“We’re doing all right,” said sophomore Sara Weber. “We’re getting the ball over the net.”

The second match is just as thrilling. Rhoades made an incredible dive in an attempt to save the ball. Even though she didn’t save it that time, she quickly recovered and got East Noble another point alongside her teammates. Their first tie of the second match was after five points and then at the sixth point, but East Noble pulled through and took the lead. Shay Swager played the second match and made a few great saves by diving and spiking to help East Noble maintain their five-point lead for the time being. For the rest of the match East Noble stayed in the lead.

“I think we played decently, and we really worked well as a team,” said freshman Shay Shultz.

If one team wins the first two games, they win altogether. The first two matches are played to 25 points, and the first to score 25 points wins. If they each win one match the third game is played to 15 points to determine the winner. Fortunately, however, no third match was needed for the team to win.