Barca vs. Madrid

On Saturday May 5th, the two biggest futbol teams in history went at it: Barcelona and Real Madrid. It was an intense game. It was also the legend Andres Iniesta last El Classico game. 8 yellow cards were given out to the players and Sergi Roberto was given a red card for hitting Marcelo in the jaw. In the first half, 10th minute Roberto crossed over, it went over Nacho’s head, and onto Suárez right foot and into the bottom right corner of the net 1-0. Then during the 15th minute Ronaldo with the ball defended by Roberto, Ronaldo does a little shake n’ bake on him and does a splendid back-heel pass to Kroos which then he crosses it and it goes off the head of Benzema and finished by Cristiano Ronaldo 1-1.

Second half comes along 52nd minute Suárez with the ball guarded by Raphaël Varane, Suárez tries to go past Varane, but Varane shields the ball and then Suárez kicks Varane in the ankle which made him lose his balance and fall but the referee said play on and Suárez dribbled it up passes it to Messi which then he takes four touches and takes a left-foot shot into the bottom left corner and scores, Barca leads 2-1. During the 72nd minute Kroos passes it to Asensio, Asensio turns and sees Bale making a run towards the 18 and Asensio gives a beautiful through ball to Bale’s left foot and Bale retaliates by taking a marvelous shot into the top left corner. The referee blows the whistle, the game is over, the score is 2-2, and players show good sportsmanship to each other.