JV and Varsity Volleyball Defeat Panthers


DeCamp and Deyo stand ready for the Panther’s serve.

On Monday, August 31, two Knights volleyball teams (JV and Varsity) decided to end the month right by defeating the Prairie Heights Panthers on our home court. The freshmen team fell just slightly short after two games, but remained perserverant against their opponent until the end.

The JV volleyball team was the team to watch as soon as they took the court yesterday evening. The first set was a close game, with the Knights winning only by two, but by the second the ladies were ready to put another win in the books as quickly as possible. Where as the Panthers lacked necessary control over hard hits and serves, East Noble exhibited precision and control. Several volleys were saved due simply to the fact that they were quick on their feet and willing to go all-out in order to save a ball. The team may have a young roster, but the ladies appeared to be very experienced as they set up ball after ball to be spiked. The Panthers never had the chance to come back in the second set, and the Knights efficiently took the game for themselves.

As for Varsity, it was all excitement as they took the court after JV. The anticipation and determination was evident in their warm-ups, and a large crowd of people came to cheer them on. The Knights already took home some hardware at the Panther’s expense this year, defeating the team at their tournament just a few days ago. That being said, losing was not an option in their minds while they played, and the Knights were victorious in all four sets at the end of the night. Their record stands strong at 9 and 1 and we can only wish them more success as they continue a season of many games, against many strong opponents.

Go Knights!