Paint the Pool Pink


On Tuesday, December 9, East Noble hosted the annual Paint the Pool Pink swim meet. Swimmers from both DeKalb and East Noble wore pink caps, sponsor posters hung on the natatorium walls, and pink t-shirts could be seen all around. Outside of the pool area, the swimmers, sponsors, and parents put together a cookie walk, bake sale, and silent auction, all in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Over the course of the night, the team raised over 1,400 dollars for the Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

The swim meet itself was a great competition with a great crowd there to support. Both the boys’ and girls’ team visibly swam their hardest, exhibiting East Noble’s talent and determination to kick just a little harder and make the better times for themselves. The girls’ team beat DeKalb by a score of 135-39, and the boys’ team lost, by just one close race, 82-91. The following swimmers placed in the top three during their races:


200 Medley Relay

Kari Guthrie, Alyn Clark, Ashley Nichols, Mackenzye Dafforn-Koebler (1)

Makayla Coplin, Mackenzie Corbin, Haley Leas, Alyx Clark (2)

Philip Phan, Anthony Phan, Griffen Dafforn-Koebler, Ben Kline (2)

Elijah Shanton, Tyark Lechkmueler, Dawson Meade, Austin McCulloch (3)

200 Freestyle

Hannah Denton (1), Alyx Clark (3)

Nick Sibert (2), Ben Kline (3)

200 Individual Medley

Ashely Nichols (1), Makayla Coplin (3)

Dawson Meade (3)

50 Freestyle

Hannah Denton (1), Haley Leas (2), Ema Rangel (3)

Anthony Phan (2), Austin McCulloch (3)

1 mtr. Diving

Mackenzie Corbin (1)

Phillip Phan (1) Ali Almari (2) Tim Berendt (3)

100 Butterfly

Mackenzye Dafforn-Koebler (1), Haley Leas (2)

Anthony Phan (1), Griffen Dafforn- Koebler (3)

100 Freestyle

Ashely Nichole (1), Alyn Clark (2), Ema Rangel (3)

Nick Sibert (2)

500 Freestyle

Kari Guthrie (1), Makayla Coplin (2)

Griffen Dafforn-Koebler (1), Elijah Shanton (3)

200 Freestyle Relay

Alyn Clark, Ashley Nicholsm Hannah Denton, Mackenzye Dafforn-Koebler (1)

Mackenzie Corbin, Madison Cramer, Haley Leas, Kari Guthrie (2)

Katlin Weber, Kayla Berendt, Lacretia Jeffers, Cassandra Martin (3)

Nick Sibert, Dawson Meade, Austin McCulloch, Ben Kline (1)

100 Backstroke

Alyn Clark (1) Alyx Clark (2) Lacretia Jeffers (3)

Phillip Phan (3)

100 Breaststroke

Kari Guthrie (1) Mackenzye Dafforn-Koebler (2)

Ben Kline (3)

400 Freestyle Relay

Mackenzie Corbin, Makayla Coplin, Masidon Cramer, Hannah Denton (1)

Alyx Clark, Ema Rangel, Katlin Weber, Cassandra Martin (3)

Griffen Dafforn-Koebler, Phillip Phan, Anthony Phan, Nick Sibert (2)


Great Job Knights!