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Band Concert 2017

Irais Ibarra, Reporter

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East Noble’s intermediate band takes over Munk Stage at precisely 7 o’clock in the afternoon on September 27th. They open their first concert with the song, Let Us Break Bread Together, a beautiful folk piece which they had received just two weeks prior to the concert. Kyla Solis, the only French horn in the intermediate band, did a great job playing out during her solo in Let Us Break Bread Together. Courtnie Uphold has defined herself as an exceptional trumpet player in her solo as well as Ashlyn Moore in her Clarinet Solo. Matt Demchak also had a solo in this piece. Definite impressive individuals. Their following piece was Lost Lady Found, the last movement of Lincolnshire Posey written by Piercy Grainger. The piece sounded oddly familiar, almost like an excerpt of Pirates of The Caribbean. Lost Lady Found was a popular piece among the musicians themselves, and they greatly enjoyed playing it. Soloist in this piece was flutist Bridgette Millington. She beautifully connected her slurred notes in her solo with great tone quality. Shortly preceding Lost Lady Found was the final piece to end all beginnings, Centuria, composed by James Swearingen. Swearingen is a popular composer amongst concert bands, his music portrays to be very lively and fast-paced. Centuria, definitely fit under this category. The concert was short and sweet, lasting a total of 20 minutes.

Intermediate band is composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A mixture of students to work with can proceed to difficulties in choosing music due to everyone’s different musical abilities. You have experienced musicians in their senior year and beginning freshmen who are being introduced to more difficult music. However with these challenges, they still showed an exceptionality of talent at their concert. Their band director Mr. Spellman has decided to take the band Group 2 at ISSMA contest this year, when last year intermediate band went Group 3. Group 1 is the highest level of music that can be taken to ISSMA contest in March. The band has grown not only in number over the years but in talent as well. These hard working musicians let the music speak for themselves. All in all the night can be summed up by Mr. Spellman’s dictum, “Intermediate band kicked off their concert season with a phenomenal performance.”

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