Key Club’s Safe Trick-or-Treat


Key Club members take a break from volunteering at the Safe Trick-or-Treat last year.

Key Club is hosting their annual “Safe Trick-or-Treat for Kids” this year, and it is sure to be a fun time!

Per usual, the event will take place in the ENHS Cafeteria on October 27th from 6-8pm. Admission is free, as well as one ticket book. Pizza, popcorn, and more will be served and all funds from the food will go towards the UNICEF foundation.

Every year, thousands of women are diagnosed with tetanus in underprivileged countries. Tetanus is a serious bacterial infection that can lead to muscle spasms and in some cases, death. In fact, 1 baby dies from tetanus every 9 minutes, which is over 160 babies every day.

The UNICEF foundation is responsible for eliminating tetanus from over 160 countries in the last 20 years. They have reduced tetanus cases to less than one case per 1,000 live births throughout the world. Just donating $1.80 can save one mother, and will protect her future children, and their future children, and so on.

Attending this year’s Key Club Safe Trick-or-Treat is very important: you will have fun all while giving back to the community! We hope to see you there!