Homecoming Week 2016 Preview


Photo taken by Terry Lewis

Remy Fisher, Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of the year again: homecoming, one whole week jam-packed with fun activities, school spirit, and, of course, football. This year, homecoming will fall on the week of the 18th, and the days are as follows:

Monday – Mismatch Day & Amazing Race
This is the only day where wearing your shirt inside-out is acceptable! True EN Knights would do anything for their school, even if that means sporting a crazy outfit! Afterwards, participate in the amazing race and test out your running skills.

Tuesday – Decade Day & Color Run
Reminisce on the past this decade day. Break out those disco pants in the back of your mom’s closet and have a blast! Later that day, there will be a color run right outside of the school. Don’t forget—wear old clothes and be prepared to be splattered with tons of paint!

Wednesday – Destination Day & Dodgeball Tournament
Students are split up by class today, but all are still traveling somewhere warm!

• Freshmen: ‘Merica
• Sophomores: Hollywood
• Juniors: Safari
• Seniors: Beach

Right after school, a huge dodgeball tournament is open to every student. Sign up for your teams now, and start practicing!

Thursday: Squad/Duo Day & Parade and Bonfire
Match with your best friends today for squad/duo day. Show how much you appreciate each other through matching t-shirts, and meet with your squad after school to watch the homecoming parade! Afterwards, there will be a bonfire near the football field to get everyone excited about the football game to come.

Friday – Crazy Blue and Gold Day & Football Game
Finally: the one day out of the year where your true Knight pride shows through. Whether you express that through a t-shirt, some face paint, or any accessory that shows off our school colors, blue and gold day is all about being an East Noble Knight! At 7 pm, the football team takes on Norwell for the long-awaited homecoming game. Let’s go have a great homecoming week, Knights!

Photo taken by Terry Lewis
Photo taken by Terry Lewis