Who Won the Senior Destinies?

Who Won the Senior Destinies?

The Senior Destiny votes are in! After a first round of nominations and a second round involving a survey, the senior class has offically voted on the students who fit best in the Senior Destiny categories. The yearbook’s theme this year is Blue & Golden in honor of East Noble’s 50th Anniversary, and the Destiny categories reflect some of the most common used throughout the school’s history. The winners are as follows:

Destiny ResultsBest Hair: Logan Waters & Paige DeCamp

Most Musical: Daniel Kane & Lydia Tremaine

Best Smile: Arnold Plata & Maddie Bryan

Most Likely to Travel the World: Ali Alamri & Caitlin Blair

Most Athletic: Joe Vandiver & Paige DeCamp

Most Likely to be Instagram Famous: Lucas Graden & Maddie Bryan

Best Sense of Humor: Nate Housholder & Chloee Kline

Most Likely to Succeed (A tie!): Joe Vandiver & Jake Torrie & Alyssa Gulick

Friends in 20 Years (Girls): Macy Burtch & Samantha Sturgis

Friends in 20 Years (Guys): Daniel Kane & Joe Vandiver

Thank you to all who voted! The yearbook will send out an email shortly concerning when to come down for pictures.