Raise A Ruckus Prep


Cassidy FIsher, Reporter

The Apple Festival is coming up and in preparation Mr. Munk’s first and second period Tech Theatre classes are setting up for Raise a Ruckus. Raise a Ruckus is musical show with themes of country life and an enjoyable show for the whole family. Tech Theatre periods one and two have been busy turning a barn into a stage. On an otherwise quiet fairgrounds, Mr. Munk’s students can be heard painting signs, constructing fences, and wiring electrical into a barn.

Both class periods put in heavy effort to this project, some students coming away with paint-stained pants or dirt that needs brushed off. With the Apple Festival just around the corner the heavy work is mostly completed. The stage has been built, walls have been put up, and signs have been hung. Work has been started on the outside of the barn to advertise where the exact location of the show is going to be and somethings are still being touched up with paint.

Overall the effort of Mr. Munk’s Tech Theatre classes, along with the cast, and the directors help make Raise a Ruckus possible. If you find yourself at the Apple Festival with a craving for some entertainment stop by and watch Raise a Ruckus.