Contest Entry 6

Imagine being a pirate. You haven’t had a bath for months from being out on the vast sea. You and the crew raid ships carrying rum, tobacco, food, and diamonds. You get into deadly battles with other ships. This is the life of the crewmen sailing on the Bloody Diamond along with their captain, the fiercest female pirate of them all, Syrena.

The Bloody Diamond set sail to Spain across the vast ocean. Her captain, Syrena, was one of the fiercest female pirates in history. Syrena and her crew were infamous amongst the sailors and merchants for their combat and raiding skills. Their ship was filled with divergent types of riches from gold, silver, and bronze coins to stupendous pearls and diamonds that glisten in the sun, all of which had been earned through battle.

The Bloody Diamond was in search of yet another battle, Syrena and her pirate crew armed and ready with swords, flintlock pistols, and cannon fire. If any ship was bold enough to attack, or they found a ship, the crew was ready for a fight.

Syrena was below deck with her first mate, Edward ‘Ned’ Rogers, after a glorious victory over an inferior cargo ship. It had been full of rum, tobacco, and precious gems and the success had brought joy to the crew. Syrena and Ned were discussing their plans for the future around a prodigious map of the world. Syrena had the ambitious idea of owning Spain, whether by force or by the Spanish surrendering. Suddenly both Ned and Syrena heard a loud knock on the thick oak door. Syrena gave a bewildered look towards Ned, questioning as to the identity of the intruder. However Ned simply shrugged towards Syrena; he had no idea who it was. After a brief pause, she took two quick strides and opened the door. Standing at the door was one of her crew members, a malevolent grinning spread across his features.

“What is it, Hood?” She asked with one eyebrow raised expectantly.

Hood continued to grin at Syrena as he answered her question. “There are three Spanish ships, captain.”

Syrena felt a large grin spread across her face at the news. She quickly turned around and grabbed her tri-corn hat and her long under bust black leather trench coat before moving past the two men. Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she climbed quickly up a small staircase to the quarterdeck of her ship.


Louis, a very muscular man, was steering the Bloody Diamond, his dark gaze surveying the ocean

Syrena walked over to Louis at the helm of her ship, her eyes searching over the horizon. She got out her spyglass from her trench coat and extended it, trying to determine roughly how far away the Spanish ships were. They didn’t seem too far away from the Bloody Diamond, but they were still a good distance away.  Syrena could see the Spanish flags dancing in the violent wind as it rocked the ships, shortening her spyglass, Syrena turned her sharp gaze towards Louis to study how he was fairing.

“Keep her nice and steady, Louis. We’re about to sail into the storm.” Syrena said to him. As if on cue, thunder clashed from the dark grey sky.

“Yes, captain.” Louis responded in a deep voice, his voice steady and unchanging despite the thunder.

Syrena nodded as she placed her tricorn hat on top of her head, running one finger along the red feathers on her hat. She looked toward her crew for a moment, briefly pausing to glance up at the nearing Spaniards and then to her crew.

“Battle stations you slimy mutts! We have three Spaniard ships approaching starboard! Are you with me?” She bellowed above the raging winds and the choppy water.

The crew raised their fists into the air and shouted their response. “Yes, Captain Syrena!”


Syrena gave a sinister smirk as the first drops of rain began to fall and hit her face. A loud crack of thunder boomed and echoed in everyone’s ears.

The Spanish sailors on the main battle ship were arming themselves with flintlock pistols and Spanish rapiers. They could see the Bloody Diamond approaching in the nearby distance. The two ships behind the main ship were cargo ships, transporting goods to the New World, which meant that they would be of little use. It was up to the largest ship to protect everyone.

The Spaniards had heard stories of the Bloody Diamond, of Syrena and her crew. They’d even heard tales of the crew changing into skeletons during battles because they had been cursed by Mayan gold. Everyone knew that Syrena and her crew raided ships they’d defeated, sometimes taking the ships themselves. But other times, the less fortunate ships were sunk, crew and all.

As the winds picked up, all four ships had raised their sails into the wind. The battle ship and The Bloody Diamond were prepared for battle and he two cargo ships were ready to make a break for it if need be. Thunder was rolling in the sky and the ocean waves slammed against the sides of the ships roughly.

The crew of the Bloody Diamond was prepared, gleaming swords and flintlock pistols in their hands. Other crew members were perched by the cannons, itching to fire.

Syrena remained next to Louis and Ned on the main deck, ready to plunge into the heart of battle. Everyone was tense and ready to fight once Syrena gave the order.


Once the two battleships were adjacent to one another, Syrena raised her hand slowly to prepare for the signal.

“FIRE!” Syrena yelled and pointed towards the Spanish battleship.

Soon cannon fire erupted from both ships, massive holes appearing in the Spanish ships, and a few minor but not fatal appearing in the Bloody Diamond. Spaniards and pirates were howling in pain as they were struck by the powerful blast from the cannonball, or the shrapnel impaling them.

Syrena was quick to spot this, and gave her second command. “ATTACK!” She yelled out. Soon her crewmembers were swinging across the ropes and onto the Spanish ships.

The pirates and the Spaniards were both fighting diligently. Swords clashed against one another and pistols were fired. It was a brutal and ruthless battle between sides. Syrena soon joined her comrades in the battle, fighting the Spanish men two at a time with her trusty sword and her diamond-handled dagger.

Ned was fighting expertly, gashes appearing across his body the longer as he fought. Despite this aching and clearly painful wounds, he continued to fight for Syrena and the Bloody Diamond.


On the Bloody Diamond, Louis was fighting as well, a few bloody gashes on his arms, but luckily they were shallow. He aimed his pistol towards a Spaniard that Ned was fighting fired. The bullet found its mark in the back of the Spaniard’s head, causing the Spaniard to lurch forward before crumble to the floor. Ned turned his head toward Louis and nodded his head in a silent thanks.

A Spanish soldier snuck up behind Ned and swiftly stabbed him in the back with his rapier. Ned’s eyes went wide in surprise as he was caught off-guard before he sank down onto the deck. Syrena saw what happened and charged at the Spaniard, filled with rage as she stabbed the Spaniard in the chest and then shoved him overboard.

In the end, Syrena and her crew accomplished defeating the Spaniards They raided the cargo ships before sending all three of the Spanish ships down to Davey Jones’ Locker. The Bloody Diamond had once again won another battle, but at the cost of Ned. A few months passed since the battle and no new news of the Bloody Diamond emerged. Legends and rumors soon began to spread far across the oceans and port cities. Some say that they capsized during a storm, others say the King and Queen of Spain order a Spanish armada to bring down the Bloody Diamond, and others said that the ship sank to the ocean floor. Some even said that they joined part of the undead army and prowled the oceans in the night, hunting down any ships caught off-guard. No one has or ever will know what happened to the Bloody Diamond, but it’s best to be prepared nonetheless should you see the fabled pirate crew and their ship.
              The End