Contest Entry 4

It was a time of great peril in the world of three sisters connected not only by their heritage, but by the very thing that was causing them all this strive…but also the thing that caused their bond to grow even deeper, their power…

Now when I say power it is likely what comes to mind is the power that is held by a great leader or ruler, but that is only one kind of power and unfortunately it is not the one we are going to be talking about today. Power doesn’t have to be physical or even visible, it can be within you, but sometimes it is so strong that it shows through and rises to the surface like a buoy in the midst of the vast ocean. When that happens though, we hardly have control over how it chooses to do so or even when. One thing is certain though, however and whenever it happens, we will never expect it. This is the story of 3 sisters that this happened to, 3 souls forever changed by destiny’s unfathomable complexity, this is the story of The Three.

Sitting in their worn down apartment the three sisters began to get ready for the day of drudgery and work that they had become so accustomed to. Being just barely out of high school, they hadn’t really accomplished much with their lives. They all worked in a factory in entry level labor positions, which basically translated to doing only the things that took less than an I.Q. of 40 to accomplish, and not to mention at about a fourth of the pay of their bosses, which believe me was not a lot. In fact they had to share their run down apartment just in order to get by on their measly salaries. Little did they know this would all soon change, for better or for worse, well that is for you to decide.

It was nighttime by now, and the sisters prepared to departure for what they liked to call their own personal prison, their jobs. It was like willingly putting themselves through the torture of being somewhere they hated, being around people they hate, and to top it all off they served lousy food, sounds like a prison to me.

“Hey Ivana, you ready…you know our boss said if we are late one more time he is going to dock our pay?” Emma inquired as she attempted to tie her black hair in her signature pigtails.

“Ha, let him try, you can’t dock nothing from nothing,” Ivana replied.

“Hey don’t talk like that, at least we have a job that’s more than can be said for a lot of people,” Elena commented brushing away her brown hair from her face.

“Sometimes I think we would be better off homeless, at least they make a decent living off of pity money, I would have to be incapacitated and breathing through a tube before my bosses would take pity on me,” Ivana cursed under her breath.

“Hey it is not all bad, at least we have each other,” Emma attempted to comfort her sisters.

“Yeah well maybe not for long, it is only a matter of time before this job kills one of us,” Ivana said discouraged at the thought of another 3rd shift night at their thankless job as she tied her beach blonde hair in a pony tail.

“Ha, true that sister, true that,” said Elena as the three sisters now dressed in their black work shirts and jeans headed out the door and into the unforgiving, cold, dark night encompassing the entirety of downtown Detroit.

Ten minutes later after a grueling time of walking/battling the icy cold temperature and occasional snowflake that dared cross their path, guess what…they were almost half way there.

“Gosh sisters it feels like we have been walking forever in the clutches of this cold icy night,” Ivana scowled as a snowflake landed on her nose.

“Yeah, my hands feel like they could be used as ice packs,” Elena said as the girls were about to pass by a dark alleyway.

“Hey look girls, look in that alley, there is the communal fire we always see the homeless using, maybe we have time to warm up there,” Emma commented

Both the sisters looked with pleading eyes toward Ivana, who since she was the eldest of them all, made most of the decisions. They were elated  when Ivana suddenly looked at her watch and gave them a nod, signifying they had enough time. The girls were so interested in getting warm though, they failed to realized they were being watched.

“Ok, but remember sisters we don’t have much time, so we just stay here for a quick warm up and then it’s back to walking,” Ivana said sternly as her two sisters enveloped themselves in the warmth of the fire.

“What’s your rush…why don’t you stay a while?” cackled a creepy voice from the shadows.

After a few moments the voice revealed itself to be a scruffy looking thug holding a dagger which reflected the light of the fire as well as the illuminated faces of the terrified sisters.

“But as you seem to be in a hurry, I will get right to the point, my boss has been watching you girls and he admires your obvious strength…he relays this message to you: if your tired of being exploited in your thankless jobs you are welcome to work for him if you think you have what it takes…we will keep in touch,” said the creepy thug as he disappeared

“What was that!” exclaimed Emma

“A decision,” Ivana said plainly