Contest Entry 1

She was sitting there in the dark. She heard her favorite song come on. It all seemed like a dream come true. Though she knew it wasn’t. But for the remainder she wanted to embrace the fact that she was herself again. She walked outside still in her pajamas. And she embraced the world around her, she saw vivid things that she thought she might remember. She saw kids running and laughing, it reminded her she once too took her children to the park.  She saw the man walking his dog, the man seemed content but not happy. She wanted to run up to him and tell him not to take life for granted.  She even saw the butterflies dancing in the air, she watched them as their frail body’s looked like the wind was whispering which way to move next.  She embraced the world around her, for she knew it wouldn’t last long.

But it was their and then gone in the blink of an eye.  Everything she now saw confused her. She was horrified she kept saying, “Where am I, Who am I what am I doing here.”  The nurses came and brought her back into her room. And she got very hostile towards them and started screaming at them. She simply didn’t understand as to why she couldn’t remember anything. They asked her, her name and she simply didn’t know. They asked if she knew what day it was and she didn’t know.  That’s when she saw someone come in and they feed her and gave her a bath. She didn’t understand why this was going on. She decided to just go lay down in her bed and fall asleep not knowing the world around her was crumbling every time she said the word I do not know.