Contest Entry 3

There once was a mighty beast with glowing red eyes, dripping fangs, and claws as sharp as razors. This ferrous animal went by many names but was most famously known as the Javarvic. This mighty creature roamed the forests of the Marathes village preying upon the lost and stranded that dare enter his forest and drinking from their lakes and rivers. If no one dared enter his forest he would simply swoop into their village and kill and eat one of their livestock.

Long ago this village was a peaceful one worshiping the god of destruction and chaos as to not anger him. All was going fine and well until their new Chief had forbidden the worship of the god and told everyone he was nothing but a man who lived long ago. The god did not like this and created a most powerful monster to wreak havoc upon the village. Still the elder chief would not accept the god as one so he left the beast there until it was to die. Little did the people know that this animal was immortal to ageing and all their weapons only one man could kill it but that man won’t be born for 400 more years. That is a lot of time for the people to leave the god in the past and become wicked, evil, and corrupted. In all these years the god they had betrayed had betrayed them, until now.

Since the people were no longer safe they had to leave their peaceful ways and turn into great warriors and fighters. All their fighting was in vain for none of them could be any use against the Javarvic, except one man. He was nothing more than a lowly hustler. He was a very small man tall but very skinny from never having enough to eat since him and his mother were always very poor and no one knew where his father was. His hustle was he would challenge much larger men to fights and always win he had to win he didn’t have the money to lose. He wanted to be a guard the most amazing fighters in the entire world were the guards of his city. The only problem was the only men who could be guards had to own a home and land in the city. The man had none of that this man was named Modi and Modis mother could not help him for she had no home or land either.

Modi was running his scam when a strange man had approached him he was a small man about five feet and eight inches tall and no more than 135 pounds. He was in his mid-30s no older than 35. None the less this man challenged Modi to a fight saying “If I win you join me in my journey, if you win I will buy you a house big enough for you, your mother, and a future family so that you can be a guard.” Modi thought about this and replied “I accept your challenge little man.” They fought and even though Modi was bigger and younger being only 19 the stranger was fast and strong. The wonderer beat Modi in under a minute. Modi was so surprised but understood what had happened and accepted it. He asked if he could have an hour to prepare for the trek. The man agreed and said “also choose a man to join us.” Modi instantly had a flashback to a man he met in jail and thought this is a sign he must go with us. He said “This man I met in jail I choose him.” “How much to release him?” The man questioned. “I believe 1,000 pieces.” Modi said shyly. “What had this man done to earn such a price?” the stranger was surprised as he asked this. Modi responded “He killed some men to save his family.” Modi said quickly. “Fine I will free him and he can come” the man said slightly upset, “but something is still missing.” “Can I go?” said a woman from the crowd “I hate this village and want to leave and now I can.” This woman was almost a stranger to Modi since he only ever saw her in class when they were in school. “What is your name young lady?” the man asked. “My name is Grace.” She announced proudly. “You may join us Grace.”