Horror to Watch for This October

Alex Gepheart, Co-Editor

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Are you looking for a good series to watch this October? Something a little spooky to stir up the season? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will be discussing 2 main choices for this week to get you started.

Do you like mysteries? A good show/movie that hooks you in and has turns you’d never expected? Interesting deaths and gore? Then let me introduce you to Slasher. Slasher is a 2 season 8 part Canadian show that can be found on Netflix and a good Google search can lead you to it if you don’t have access to Netflix. Slasher has two seasons, The Executioner and The Guilty Party. The Executioner is definitely more laid back in the gore part but it makes up for that with plenty of interesting plot.

The Executioner revolves are Sarah Bennett, a woman who is moving back into the house her parents were murdered in, the same night she was born on. This creates a stir in the town and surely enough, murders start happening around what was once a mostly peaceful town, Waterbury. Soon enough,Sarah starts investigating it herself after paying a visit to the man who murdered her parents. She begins to think like the serial killer that is running around. While doing this, Sarah begins to uncover all the townspeople’s secrets. With each of the 8 episodes, there’s something that craves for the watcher to go on and keep watching.

Whereas The Guilty Party? It’s all gore. A group of young adults head up to a resort that used to be the summer camp they were counslers at. Posing as a group reuniting, they stay with a group of people who have broken away from society to live in peace and happiness with each other. The murders start quick and they are gruesome and quite creative, more so than that of The Executioner. The killer mainly targets the group of young adults and only starts attacking after their arrival. Why? Their little story that they were reuniting was a lie and the killer knows. Their real reason for coming was because they needed to move the body of their old friend they had killed 5 years ago. As the series goes on, you learn more and more about their reasons for killing the old friend. But it’s gore is definitely very out there.

Next up on the list is The Conjuring. Released in 2013, the film tells the story of a family who moves from Jersey to a quite country house to settle down and relax. The Perrons have five daughters who, on the first day of moving in, decide to play Hide-and-Clap. A game where the person who is “It” wears a blindfold and has 3 opportunities to tell the others to clap and if they don’t find them within those 3 claps, they lose. During this game, the person who is it, Christine, finds her sister in the closet and she jumps at her to get her. The sister falls back into something and a wooden plank clatters and they think they have broken something. Rodger, their father, comes to check and finds that they have a cellar full of old things previous owners didn’t want. After this discovery, more haunting things start to occur to the family. Each one more terrifying than the last. They seek out help from Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. The hauntings escalate from there.

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