Avengers Infinity War

Hello fellow Marvel fans and welcome to the insanity that is the depths of my mind when it comes to comic book movies. What follows is my conjecture about what is to come in Avengers Infinity War. Be warned there are potential spoilers ahead (duh), yet most likely I’ll be completely wrong on about 60% of this. But, never the less, enjoy!



Let’s break down what we know! Here’s the official character list from IMDB, with my predictions for their fate in the movie:

Nebulaà The sister of Gamora, Daughter of Thanos, cybernetically enhanced individual… with a vendetta against Thanos… Yup, she’s gonna die- fast. She’s gonna find and fight Thanos in the first few scenes, and to show how merciless he really is- he’ll kill his daughter.

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witchà Wanda will survive, she may be in bad shape, (mentally and physically) but she’ll be alive. (More on my hopes for her fate in the theories section)

Peter Parker / Spider-Manà He’s got a movie coming out shortly… he’ll be fine.

T’Challa / Black Panther à This one is gonna be kind of nitpicky. They won’t kill off Black Panther (not after how successful the movie was!) but, they will kill off T’Challa. (more on that in the theories section)

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widowà They may explore her backstory a bit, maybe even give her her own movie down the line… but she’s gonna die in this one. She really has no benefit for the team down the line, other than kicking villainous henchmen’s butts.

Steve Rogers/Captain Americaà Bye-bye Cap! Yup, he’s definitely gonna die. Steve rogers, the man, the myth, the legend. Is gonna die in a blaze of glory, most likely sacrificing himself for the greater good (think of the grenade in the first Avenger) But, Captain America will not die… (more on that in the theories section)

Thorà He too is going to die. But, he’s gonna be a “THOR” loser. He’s gonna fight hard, with some new allies, maybe make a point about leadership or revenge, dealing with loss, fighting with an epic new hammer, but yeah… in the end he’s going to die.

Thanosà The Mad Titan… The Easter egg in every avenger’s film thus far. And, in the end, the final death of the film (before a dramatic pause where all the heroes go running over to watch another hero die…) In the most climactic, epic, awesome fight scene of all times, the Mad Titan will be brought to the gates of ragnarok.

Bucky Barnes à Well… He’s been deprogrammed. He’s “ARMED” and dangerous, and not about to mess up on a mission involving Steve for the second time. He’ll survive this one and even pick up the mantel of (more on that in the theories section)

Laura Bartonà Ok, she’s kind of a nobody…’s wife. (yup, I too mock Hawkeye in the MCU). But, she would be great emotional material if you kill her off early in the film, then use the infinity stones to bring her back in exchange for betraying the Avengers… just saying.

Mantisà She’s a guardian of the galaxy… she’s gonna be fine. Volume three hasn’t come out yet.

Gamoraà Again, she’s a guardian of the galaxy… but she’s also the perfect emotional material to kill off to create a real sense of urgency, as well as create a new dynamic with the team in Volume three… so yeah. She’s gonna die.

Tony Stark / Iron Manà RDJ is older now than he used to be. His contract is up. Also, his character’s arc is over. There is no development left… so yeah Tony Stark is dead. But Iron Man will live on-(see pepper potts)

Lokià Everyone’s favorite is he bad or is he good character… who will be forced to betray his brother, and then get killed in front of said brother. Yeah… Loki isn’t going to have any fun or shenanigans in this movie.

Peter Quill / Star-Lordà Insert company line about the immunity of the guardians here…

Dr. Stephen Strangeà They will not kill Dr. Strange. They may take away his infinity stone. They may leave him bruised and beaten, but dog gone it they will not kill him!

Grootà Guardian of the Galaxy.

Shurià Shuri, everyone’s favorite character in Black Panther, she’ll be fine and even pick up (more on that in the theories section)

Heimdallà Will be killed (along with all the Asgardians) in Thanos’ confrontation with their ship.

M ‘Baku/Okoye/Ramondaà DEAD! Giving some sense of danger to the fighting massive hoards of the black order.

Visionà The infinity stone will be ripped from his head, so he’ll be powerless. But, not dead so… that’s a plus!

Clint Barton / Hawkeyeà He’s gonna die. (See Mrs. Barton)

Draxà Guardian of the Galaxy… lots of those.

Scott Lang / Ant-Manà He has a movie coming out later this year. He’s completely fine.

The Collectorà The first stop on Thanos’ murder spree to get the aether from him.

Happy Hogan/Pepper Pottsà Both will survive and one of them (if not both) will put on the Iron Man suit in the future.

Bruce Banner / Hulkà He’s a near un-killable beast who will tank on Thanos then get his but kicked all the way back to earth… where he crashes but doesn’t die. He’ll live, hidden away in a cave somewhere, but he’ll live.


Sam Wilson / Falconà He’ll survive, learn some things about leadership, develop a relationship with Bucky, and even pick up the mantle of (more on that in the theories section)

Wongà He’ll train Strange, then he’ll fight along side off him, and in the end he’ll sacrifice himself to save Strange.

James Rhodes / War Machineà They faked out the kill in Civil War, they won’t miss this time. Rhodey, in a fancy new suit loaded up with new stark tech/vibranium, better weapons, and ptsd, will definitely come crashing to the ground and his death.

Cull Obsidian/Ebony Maw/Proxima Midnightà The lackies of Thanos, leaders of the black order, terrifyingly ugly space monsters, and the ones who will torture, stab, and crush the Avengers, but in the end, one of them will have the tables turned on them and be the solution to beating Thanos.



These are in order of the above list, not necessarily order of likely hood.

House of M- The house of M storyline is a well known one from the comics in which Wanda resets reality using her powers to get rid of all mutants. Since no mutants exist in the MCU, just enhanced individuals, I suspect they would do a “NO MORE POWERS” kind of thing. But think about it, her brother just died. She is just finding a family again and they all just died in front of her, so she resets reality with all her friends still their and no powered beings to mess everything up.

Sister of the Panther- T’challa is going to die. It makes sense. But, in line with the comics, Shuri would take up the mantle of leader and becoming the Black Panther. That would also lead to a really cool character arc about growing up, and a visit to the Ancestral Plane to visit her brother.

Captain America- Steve Rogers is as good as dead. But Cap isn’t, instead we’ll get to see Sam Wilson put on the Star Spangled Spandex and pick up his mighty shield, to become Captain America.

The White Wolf- This one is interesting. The white wolf is a character from the Black Panther mythos that has an interesting connection with the Panther, one I think they’ll leave parts out of. But Panther and White Wolf being practically brothers, well… kind of. I think that if Shuri picks up the mantel of Black Panther, and Bucky becomes the white wolf we could see an interesting friendship develop from that.

—————————————————–CRAZY THEORY DEBUNK—————————————————-

The Wolverine- There is/was a lot of speculation (courtesy of a few shots in the trailer, and the (now non-existent) merger between 20th century and Disney, and some comments by Hugh Jackman) that the wolverine would show up in infinity war. So, I set out to debunk that. We’re going to need some standard measurements. First off, we know that Cap (played by Chris Evans) is 6 ft tall and Thanos (Played by Josh Brolin) is 5’ 10”. In one of the blooper reals we get a shot of Chris’ full body, measuring in at 272 pixels. Meaning that 1 pixel is .26 inches per pixel. If we measure from the crest of his nose to his hairline we find that distance to be 4.16 inches. Using the same process, we find the size of Thanos’ face to be 9.5 inches, and the distance between the scars to be .95 inches. Using the same strategy, we find the distance between the end of wolverine’s claws in x-men first class to be 1.5 inches apart, which is too far apart to be what caused the scars. However, the ends of the points of Cap’s new Wakandan shield are about .97 inches. That’s close enough for me to say, my best guess is that those scars were caused by the new shield.