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Senior To-Do: November

Emily Engle, News Editor

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Hey, seniors!

November is finally upon us along with the second trimester. This month is relatively simple compared to others. Now’s the time to be finalizing and start early preparations.

If you haven’t finished, you’ll want to start finishing your college applications between now and December. The admission dates at colleges are often October 31st or November 1st for early admission, and the end of the year for regular admission, unless they’re always accepting applications, like IPFW. You want to get those applications in this month, or at least to close to done with them.

Start touring colleges on your list that you haven’t had the chance to. Juniors and seniors have two college’s days a year, but you can still tour anytime you like, and the college likes, on weekends and on breaks, like thanksgiving break if possible.

You’ll want to start looking into financial aid. Now’s a good time to start requesting information from school or your counselor on scholarships or grants. You can start looking online for ones too. As a reminder, you should never have to pay to just get in to the chance of a scholarship. It’s free money.

School-wise, focus on your grades. Colleges want to see a strong senior year. Try to challenge yourself while preparing yourself for after high school. Though, if you’re struggling, don’t wait to get help. Talk to your counselor or your teacher for a tutor or extra study help. Also, start trying to build up good study habits. If you don’t know how to study in college, it’s going to be hard to learn, especially with even more distractions.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and having your friends and family with you. This is your final Thanksgiving break as a high school student. Next year, you could be traveling home from college or your own place to come home. This is your last holiday season before you graduate. Enjoy it.

See you next month, seniors. Happy Thanksgiving.

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