Bonjour, Mlle. Yuska!


Bonjour, mes aimes! Il y a une salle de classe plein de culture, nourriture, et langue, [translation: Hello, my friends! There is a classroom that has culture, food, and language] or better known as Ms. Yuska’s room! As the only French teacher, Ms. Yuska hopes to shed more light on the French classes taught at East Noble.

She has been teaching at East Noble for the last two years but before that she taught at IPFW. Although she’s a French teacher she has a major in political science that she received from Streton University in Florida, with a minor in French.  She came back to East Noble because her parents and other family members such as aunts and uncles went to East Noble, and they played a major role in her decision to become a French teacher.

“I love teaching because it’s just so much fun. We get to do lots of fun projects to help students learn. We get to have fun and sing lots of songs!” said Yuska.

She has even studied abroad in Avignon, France where not many people spoke English. She said her favorite part of studying abroad was the challenge of trying to communicate. She also enjoyed the food and she mentions a few famous dishes she’s had during her lectures.

“They focus on freshness so the ingredients are fresher than in America.” said Yuska.

She likes teaching French because of the language and the culture. It is something she’s always loved and been taught since in kindergarten. She loves the way it sounds and she loves teaching to high school students.