Riley Week: Giving Back While Having Fun


Remy Fisher, Reporter

This past week at East Noble High School has been “Riley Week”: five days of fun events and activities in the hope to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children.

Established in 1924, Riley Hospital for Children is located at Indiana University’s Health Center. Their goal is to serve the health needs of all children, and they have lived up to that promise.

The lively events were run by volunteers in student council. Students recognized the cause and graciously donated their extra change to the charity. ENHS has been one of the top donating schools in Indiana; Riley Week helps out that title greatly!

One of the favored perks among students during Riley Week is the Riley Wagon. From Monday to Friday, student council members carried around a wagon full of snacks, candy, and refreshments that students could purchase. The wagon came to all classrooms in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th periods of the day.

On Thursday January 28th, students, teachers, and staff were told to wear their favorite hats for just one dollar and all proceeds went to Riley Hospital. In return, many students showed up to school in cowboy hats, sombreros, and baseball hats. The following day was “Wear Red for Riley” day. Local businesses would donate a certain amount of money to Riley depending on how many students wore red. It was easy to tell how much love and support goes towards Riley on this red-filled day!

Macy Burtch, a senior at East Noble and an avid student council member, shared her thoughts on Riley Week. “Helping out Riley Hospital has taught me so much about being a leader in my school along with making a difference in other people’s lives,” she told me. “The most this charity has taught me is that it only takes one person to make a difference, but the more people you get involved the better your outcome will be.” Burtch also added that Riley Week is a fun time during the school year that she and many others enjoy very much.

Personally, I think that Riley Week is as great way for students to become involved in charity work and support those in need. Giving back to others fills me with joy knowing that people benefit from my contributions. If possible, I encourage you to donate or give back to your community in some way, because it could help someone enormously, or even save their life.