Ready, Set, Write!


Ready, set, write! The Knightly Scroll staff knows how much writing potential East Noble possesses, and now they are offering an opportunity to be rewarded for your talents. Starting TODAY, the scroll will be accepting short story submissions 250-1000 words in length. What should you write about? Anything. If you are proud of a composition you have already completed or have a great idea that’s ready to be typed, get to writing!

The deadline for submissions is November 30. Between December 7 and December 11 Knightly Scroll advisors will choose the top 5, then a poll will be sent out to the student body to decide the winner! Does the winner get a prize? Of course. In fact, the top 3 winners do.

1st: 2 FREE Round Table Cafe Coupons

2nd: 1 FREE Round Table Cafe Coupon

3rd: Candy!

There is no time to wait! Submit your compositions to [email protected]. The stories will be posted onto the Knightly Scroll anonymously and the students, staff, and community will be able to view them. Spread the word, visit the Knightly Scroll, and write.

You have 28 days!