Riley Wagon’s Sweet Treats


During the last week of January, East Noble High School participated in Riley Week. There were fundraisers taking place throughout the entire week, but perhaps the most anticipated was the famous Riley Wagon. For years the Riley Wagon has supplied the school with treats such as candy bars, Arizona Iced Teas and Goldfish throughout the school day, while in turn collecting money that will go to support Riley Children’s Hospital. After some policy changes at the beginning of the year concerning the Knights’ dietary habits at school, there was great concern for whether or not the Wagon would prevail. But, as Riley Week came around, it became clear that the students would not be deprived of their annual snacks, but there would be some changes that included more apples and oranges, and less candy bars. Items that remained aboard were the Goldfish and iced tea that made the Wagon what it was.

This year’s turnout for snack-buying seemed as healthy as ever. There was almost always a group of students that went out to the hallway, money in hand, after a member of student council called “Riley Wagon!” into the classroom. As for total amount collected by Riley Week, there is no definite number yet, because Collage, East Noble’s talent show in support of Riley Hospital, has yet to take place. East Noble is always ready to give their time and money to help and worthy cause, and Riley Week is the perfect example. Thank you to everyone involved for making East Noble such an outstanding place.