Being the Change: Peers


A club that has built its base and strengthened its presentations over the last three years, the Peers Project is becoming more and more influential in its message. Their presentations revolve around self-worth and the importance of staying away from risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, and sex and while anyone can speak in front of a classroom, Peer leaders are those who practice what they preach. After the presentations to the seventh and eighth graders during the past week, the feedback from the students was better than ever. They asked questions, paid great attention, and seemed genuinely interested. All of this was due to the great dedication and interest East Noble High School students put into their subjects in order to really connect with the middle schoolers.

To prepare for the presentations, a group of three or four high school students received a subject, planned their script, skits, and activities, and then put time and effort into making it a relatable and attention-keeping fifty minutes. Areas covered over the last week included:


7th Grade:

Teen Parenthood and Pregnancy


Drug Use


8th Grade:

Healthy Relationships

Dating and Abusive Behavior



Later in the year, leaders will present to the 6th grade at the elementary schools about  Social Media, Healthy Friendships, and Assertiveness Skills. If Peers continues on such a great road, the program has the ability to impact dozens of students. Some students may already know about the values the leaders present over, but for others these presentations are some of the few positive influences they have in their life. Peers’ goal is to open their eyes to the right road and the success they can have if they follow it.