Beautification Progress Right Around the Corner


As of the start of the 2014-2015 school year, there have indeed already been improvements made to the sports’ campus of East Noble High School. Albeit small, these improvements mark the beginning of the much anticipated Beautification Project and they include changes already seen by the students and fans of East Noble, such as the new landscaping on the south end of the football field and track, the cleaned-up maintenance buildings, the upgraded concession stand, and the important modifications made to the handicap seating in the grandstand.

But what will be the first large improvement that the Beautification Project makes? Principal Steve Peterson has high aspirations for a monumental project that could be just around the corner.

With, and only with, the whole-hearted support of the community, the High School will be able to break ground on the Plaza Improvement part of the Project very soon. This aspect includes replacing the less appealing grassy area just through main gates with a walkway of bricks that are able to be engraved for any specific sponsor. Through this addition, community and group members, individuals, and businesses will be able to be commemorated and appreciated while supporting the Knights in their endeavors. The bricks come in three sizes, and are able to be purchased and personalized through the school atĀ When completed, the plaza will add character, appeal, and spirit to our athletic campus, all while including the community members and students.

This can all happen very soon with your brick sponsorship and donations. This project is less than 100 bricks from being started.

The goal for the Beautification Project is to get as many improvements made by the fall of 2015, and this will be accomplished by getting bids throughout the upcoming year from the community and by gathering student power. The students of East Noble have been very involved so far with the Project, and it continues to be a student and community driven effort.

The opportunity is available to make the athletic campus a community-involved and unique part of the High School though this Project. The goal, in the words of Principal Peterson, is to simply, “keep moving forward.”