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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Matthew Demchak, Opinion Editor

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Gotham’s greatest hero reassembles for another adventure in the explosive and master-building spin-off of The Lego Movie.

Batman (Will Arnett) continues to defend Gotham City from its many criminals. But when the Joker (Zack Galifianakis) plots a hostile takeover of Gotham with the multiverse’s greatest villains, the Dark Knight must learn how to work with others such as Robin (Michael Cera), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson), and Alfred Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes) to defeat his arch-nemesis.

This film definitely proved that the original movie was no fluke. The humor in it was actually good, the plot was well thought-out, and the hidden references to previous Batman media were well-placed for humorous effect. The animation was also really nice.

I give this movie a 9.8/10 or an A for great humor and action, and solid plotline. The Lego Batman Movie is definitely something that the whole family can enjoy.

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