My Journey Through London


Sahil Patel, Reporter

My trip started from Fort Wayne, continued on to Chicago, and finally finished in London. On the plane, I became very anxious to meet my relatives and to see all the tourist attractions. My family and I stayed in Leicester, which is only three hours away from London.  We left on July 1 at 6:30. We arrived there around 10:30 in the morning on July 2. London is five hours ahead of Indiana time. The first week we were there, my family and I attending my aunts wedding. She got married on July 5. Two days before her wedding, we did traditional Indian wedding ceremonies for the bride.

After my aunt’s marriage, my family, along with my grandparents, my uncles and aunt went to London to meet family and see tourist attractions. We stayed in London for two days. We went to the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the London Bridge and the Ice Bar. We didn’t go into Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace, but saw it from the outside. Big Ben is a clock tower and very humongous right when you stand by it, and it’s also by the Parliament. Buckingham Palace is where the queen lives and other royal people. It was amazing to see and probably fantastic on the inside. Also, while we were there, the Tour de France was being held and this year it was going to end in London! We did see the bikers from a distance, however, we could not stay for long because we had reservations at the Ice Bar.

The Ice bar is in London, hosted by the Ice Hotel in Switzerland. When we walked into the place, we just saw a bar and a place to relax. They put that there so you can have a drink, but also for you to relax before you enter the cold room. They only give you 45 minutes to be in the room, because it is FREEZING COLD! When it is time they put a coat on you that includes gloves. When I imagined it in my mind, I thought of just ice, no seats or counter or anything. Just a place of ice and you stand, but when you walk in you see a counter made of ice, seats made of ice, and also a bunch of ice cups. An ice cup is a glass cup made of ice. They do give you a ticket at the door to get a free drink. Since it is a bar, and children are allowed in the place, they do have alcohol drinks and also non-alcohol drink. My family tried a drink called Moogle and I am not making it up. Moogle is a non-alcoholic drink made from cranberry and orange juice with some other berries. When you sit down your hind end feels freezing cold. The place is a lot of fun.

Next, my relatives and I went to Madame Tussaud’s. It was fun to take pictures with all the wax figures, like the Beatles, Robert Downey Jr., and Robin Williams. It was cool to see these people and other famous stars on how real they look even though they are merely made of wax.

Next, we went to the London Eye. When I got in the capsule, it felt like I was flying. Everything on the outside of the capsule is made of glass and there is a bench in the center for people to sit and relax. It was amazing to see the view over London. From going around the wheel you see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Post Office Tower and more great things. It was fun and just from there it felt like I saw the world. Also it is the largest Ferris wheel on Earth.

A few days later my family and I went to an amusement park named Alton Towers. It was fun to go on the rides. Some of the rides were called: Air, Smiler, Thirteen, Oblivion, and Hex. They were fun and cool to sit on. I went on the Smiler and it is the bomb. It was cool and fun and I will tell you why. The Smiler has 14 looped loops, which is the world record and also goes straight up and straight down. That is why I loved this ride.

I recommend anyone who loves to travel, to visit London. It was one of my favorite vacation spots.