To all the men and women who have served,
isn’t thanks or an award deserved?

They never claim or ask for praise,
not that I know of in all their days.

How can they remain so calm and humble?
not a word of complaint do they mumble.

In the midst of ingratitude and false portrayal,
believe it or not even in outright betrayal.

They serve their country and fellow man,
and when given a task they say “I can.”

They don’t cower, excuse or fear,
they sacrifice all to protect what’s dear.

All those sacrifices in their lives I honor,
do they ever regret is what I wonder.

It’s a high price they have to pay,
for us to have freedom in this day.

So knowing that let’s give a salute,
and hope their detractors will stay mute.

And one for all, and all for one,
for in peace or war we are one.