Riley Week Preview

Riley Week Preview

Alivia Hubbart

At East Noble High School, there are many school events that are enjoyed by the students and the faculty. One of these events is Riley Week. The Student Council has announced that Riley Week will be once again held this year in the month of February.

If you are not aware of what Riley Week, don’t worry. It’s a week where the East Noble Student Council honors and raises money for Riley Children’s Hospital. Riley Week affects many of EN’s students and faculty. The focus of the week is to celebrate the work of Riley Children’s Hospital, to show how much the hospital affects individuals. Across this area and the state, many children over the years have been patients at this incredible hospital. Also, many individuals have known someone who was or who is currently a patient.

The specific details of the events have not yet been disclosed, but students should expect some traditions that occur every year such as the Riley Wagon, Wear Red for Riley, Hat Day and Collage. Riley Week will be February 25th – March 1st.

A student favorite of the many traditions is the Riley Wagon. The Riley Wagon travels from classroom to classroom to allow students the opportunity to purchase food items. These food items include candy bars, muffins, and bags of goldfish.  Another tradition is Collage. Collage is a talent show that gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities. This year, collage will be held at 7 pm on Feb. 23rd. With these traditions, students will be donating their money to a great cause. So, I encourage you, the student body and faculty, to get excited for a week of school that hosts fun activities for a charitable cause.