“Elf” Musical Review

Titus Christianson, Reporter

The Winter Musical “Elf”, it was an interesting interpretation of the movie, and showed the skill of the play production staff, and cast in the department. The play consisted of the main character Buddy The Elf taking a journey to find his family, his real family. Buddy goes through some issues in the play as well as some other things. The microphones not working most for most of the cast gave some audio issues but the play continued anyway. And for those wondering as I was about the snow used in the end, spoiler alert it was in fact soap. All in all the showmanship of the actors and sets outshined its errors and came through to be an amazing experience. When Asked what his favorite part of it all Senior Austin Gulick (AKA Buddy the Elf) answered “getting to meet all the kids, and people wanting autographs.” The musical was a good time for everyone who went.