East Noble Defeats Northside Varsity Volleyball


East Noble (EN) fought hard against Northside (NS) on Monday, Aug. 21, and won two matches giving them the win.

EN’s varsity team got the first point of the night but it quickly lead into a challenge to keep their lead as both teams slowly crept up on each other’s leads. From 2 to 8 points, EN and NS stayed only two points apart tying at four points. Then, EN stayed ahead 9:7. They tied again at 9 points before EN gained a small lead with 12:10. The first timeout was called with 16:10 EN up. EN was heading for a ten point lead at 21:12. EN was up 24:15 before another timeout was called. The audience has been and will continue to support their favorite Knights team! The final score of the first match was 25:16, a win for EN.

“I thought our girls played hard. It was as a student section to watch the team win their first home meet.” Andrew McCormick said enthusiastically.

The second match the beginning scores flipped giving EN a bigger lead for a little bit longer. This match EN maintained a point lead for most of the first part until EN scored three more points ahead giving them 9:5. EN’s lead got bigger and bigger, almost doubling NS’s score 14:8, then NS tried catching up but EN stopped them at 19:12 before another timeout was called. The final timeout was called with the score at 23:14 for EN. The final score ended the second match 25:14 for EN giving them the win.

For fun they decided to play a third match where Alexa Mohamedali played and she made an astonishing play that made the crowd go wild! EN won the third match 25:12.