East Noble Defeats Northside JV Volleyball


East Noble (EN) faced Northside (NS) on Monday, Aug. 21. EN fought hard and worked hard and it definitely paid off. EN won 2 matches giving them the win for the night.

“We were very energized and we came out really strong.” Abby Haynes with confidence and energy behind her voice.

The first match, both sides did the same thing to give the other team a point by hitting the ball into the net. EN recovered quickly and gained a slight lead at 5:2. NS tried coming back but were no match for EN with a score of 10:5. The first timeout was called with EN up 15:7. EN got up to 17 points then NS stayed ten points behind until EN was up 22:10 and another timeout was called. The match ended with a win for EN 25:11.

“We made really smart decisions and we were really aggressive.” Olivia Whetsel said, after feeling triumphed over their victory.

The second match started off the same way with both teams hitting the net giving each other a point. The same score 5:2 appeared with EN still winning. NS made a closer attempted to win when both teams tied 6:6, then a timeout was called. EN broke the tie, and gained points faster than NS giving them a score of 22:12. EN won the second match 25:12.