Tennis Senior Spotlight: Juliet Marar


Remy Fisher, Editor-in-Chief

Despite the rain and stormy weather that has graced Northeast Indiana these past few weeks, the East Noble girls tennis teams are thriving. With win after consecutive win, the team has much to brag about. Although many players have been prepared and ready for the season to begin, one player in particular had almost no training at all, yet ended up with a successful season.

Juliet Marar, a sixteen-year-old AFS foreign exchange student of Jordan’s capital, Amman, decided to join the tennis team this year.

“It was really hard. I’ve never held a tennis racquet before!” Marar exclaimed with a laugh. \\

Despite this being her first time playing tennis, she triumphantly became a star of the team, scoring wins in many matches.

“Everyone on the team was friendly,” she said in regards to her teammates.

She reflects on her favorite memory made with her teammates, which would be the first team dinner and her first time winning a match, which was the game against DeKalb High School. Marar said that she made connections with all of the lady knights, as well as gaining independence and learning about the liberating American culture.

Aside from tennis, Marar has also been involved in soccer, basketball managing, and Key Club.

“Everyone is so involved here!” Marar exclaimed. “Students in Jordan don’t do theatre, clubs, etc….”

Even though the polarity of our environment was difficult to get used to, she stated that she will miss the United States more than she thought she would.

“If I could do it again, I would.” she said, in reference to her entire American experience.