EN Bocce Ball Dominates State!


East Noble Knight’s Unified Bocce Ball team went to Carmel, IN for State Saturday October 8 and took home the gold! There were four teams that competed: East Noble, Carmel, West Lafayette, and Laville. The team got on the bus and left the school at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get back until 9 at night due to some minor transportation difficulties.

There were three teams: an all-boys team, an all-girls team, and a coed team. Each team played three, half hour games unless they scored 12 points before the timer went off. The boys’ team won all three games before the half hour was up. The girls’ won all their games as well but they didn’t beat the timer (once the timer goes off, whoever has the most points wins). The coed team’s outcome was a little different, they won the first and third game but they lost the second game.

All three East Noble Teams went to State Championship. At the end of the boys’ game there was a tie at 11:11 and they had to play a Sudden Death round to determine the winner. It was an intense game but the Knights pulled through and won. The girls’ game was just as intense. The final score was 12:1 but the game was a definite nail bitter when East Noble had 9 points before the other team scored their first point. Everyone thought it was going to be the turning point of the game. The coed played the same team that beat them in the regular games and they lost 12:5 making them come in second.

Everyone received their teams’ rewards, the boys’ and girls’ team received gold and the coed team received silver. There was a large group picture of all the teams together then they announced the State Championship overall winner. After adding up points from the previous games that morning they declared East Noble the champions with a total of 16 points. They received a trophy and each player got another medal.