End of Season Predictions for Boys’ Golf


Remy Fisher , Reporter

With the boys’ golf season coming to a close the anticipation of sectionals and regionals begin.

The season has gone fairly well for the EN Knights. After a rocky start with a score of 11 out of 14 at the Bruin and Carroll Invites, both on April 16th, and cancellations beforehand, the golfers have since regained their strength. Towards the end of April, East Noble has had consecutive win after win. On the 23rd and 25th, both varsity and junior varsity went against Concordia Lutheran High School, and East Noble won both times. On the 30th, the Knights had an astounding score of 4th place overall. After the May 2nd cancellation, the following day both EN varsity and junior varsity won to Norwell by a few points. Varsity won 164 to 165, and junior varsity won 192 to 197. Even though the Knights left Norwell victoriously, they still had to contemplate the rest of the season.

Junior Reilly Childers, a member of the varsity golf team, shared his thoughts on how this season will end.

“The season will end on a bittersweet note,” Childers commented. “I would like to see us advance to Semi-State, but when our season does end, we will lose some not only valuable but all-around good people and players.”

Childers also commented on his experience on the golf team thus far, “My experience on the team has been pretty good. Although the coach has changed from year to year, my teammates have remained.” He described his passion for golf and how important it is to him. “Golf is more than about your score at the end of the day, it’s about the people you choose to play it with.”

All in all, the golf team is hopeful for a promising season’s end. The Knights have improved from last year and are ready to take on sectionals.