EN JV Softball Defeats the DeKalb Barons


The JV softball lady knights won against the DeKalb barons 13-3 on Tuesday, April 19. The barons managed to score the first three points in the second inning, but that was it for them. The knights made a quick comeback and scored three points of their own.

It wasn’t until the fourth inning that they starting scoring more. Kyarra French had a great hit, which got her to third base and another girl to homeplate, breaking the tie. Grace Erwin also had a great base hit that ran two more batters in. Halle Beiswanger hit a pop fly going towards the outfield and got to second base, Kortney Lambright stole home and was safe, and Makayla Cunningham hit a pop fly towards center and right field
and was safe.

“The coach said we’re not allowed to lose at home games, so it was great to win against the barons,” said freshman Sydney Willey.

Aside from hitting, the knights had some great plays on the field. Miranda Arnold caught a pop fly near the pitcher’s mound and second base. Erwin made a lot of good catches, one of which was near third base and the short stop.

In the end, the knights won because of the 10 run rule. Once one team is ahead by 10 after the
fourth inning, the team ahead automatically wins.