7 Reasons to Attend a Basketball Game


Remy Fisher , Reporter

ENHS Basketball season is one of the few things Kendallville citizens look forward to in the winter. If you have the winter blues, or you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, consider going to one of the final few basketball games of the season! There are a million reasons why you should attend, but here are the best seven reasons:
1. Showing School Spirit:
Make our rival schools jealous! Being a part of the student section (or just the East Noble section if you aren’t a student) is a great way to show your love for EN. The cheerleaders, players, and coaches appreciate you being there.
2. Food:
This is pretty self-explanatory. The variety of food behind the counters run by volunteers is just a plus to the excitement of the game. The reasonable prices are a great way to donate your extra cash to East Noble sports and clubs – while still enjoying a tasty snack.
3. Be Social (meet people from other schools):
Even though you might not favor the schools playing against EN, the basketball games are a great way to socialize with the friends you already have, and possibly meet new people. Who knows, maybe you will meet your future best friend there.
4. Prizes:
Winning a t-shirt is just the cherry on top to a fun basketball game. During halftime, you can pay just one dollar to shoot a three-pointer, and if you make it, you get two dollars back.
5. The pep band:
Not only will you be enjoying the intense action of the game, you will be accompanied by the pep band! Their catchy tunes will fit the mood perfectly.
6. Seeing the crowd’s reaction:
When a whole community comes together in acts of charity, support, and cheer, it can make a huge impact on everyone. Seeing almost all of Kendallville at one event really shows how important these events can be, and it can send a strong and powerful message.
7. The feeling of winning:
Seeing the all the faces in the crowd light up as they realize their favorite team won is a magical thing. That feeling of excitement that rushes from your head to your toes is something to cherish.
Are seven reasons enough? Get out and watch some basketball soon!