Girls Swim & Dive Defeats North Side

Photo taken by Nick David.

Photo taken by Nick David.

Sahil Patel, Reporter

On Wednesday, November 18, East Noble Girls’ Swim & Dive had their first swim meet against North Side. This was a new experience for most of the EN Lady Knights because most of the swimmers are new swimmers. There are 18 girls on the team, and all of them have worked hard since their first practice, and the swim meet showed it. The swim meet was held at the Cole YMCA in Kendallville, Indiana. The boy’s swim team helped the girls by timing and preparing the girls for their events.

If you don’t know what happens at a swim meet, this is what happens. A swim meet consists of different types of strokes a swimmer must do: freestyle, breaststroke, fly, and backstroke. They have different laps and events that coincide with that. There is a 50-yard, 100-yard, 200-yard, and 500-yard, and there is also diving. When diving, swimmers do different techniques on the diving board. Sometimes they do things like flips. Personally, I think diving is fun and terrific, but it can look very scary. Our swimmers give their time and dedication in doing it, and it certainly pays off. The girls’ team has only one diver this year, and her name is Katie Blaze. She is a junior at East Noble and is terrific.

Returning swimmers from last year are Hannah Denton, Ashley Nicholas, Alyx Clark, Katilyn Weber, Cassandra Martin, Gwen Coddington, and Madison Cramer. Incoming freshman on the team are Emma McNamara, Hannah Guthrie, Hannah Henning, Elizabeth Bolinger, Grace Frazier, Natalie Vanderpool, Nikohl Terry, and Katie Blaze.

The swim meet turned out very well. There were a lot of EN fans and a great crowd, and everything about that night was fantastic. The score was great as well. The East Noble Knights defeated North Side that night, and it was a great win. The score was 132-35. Great job, Knights! The following swimmers placed in the top 3 during their race:

200 Yard Medley Relay:
Hannah Denton, Ashley Nicholas, Hannah Henning, Hannah Guthrie (1)
Natalie Vanderpool, Katilyn Weber, Emma McNamara, Nikohl Terry (3)

200 Yard Freestyle:
Hannah Denton (1)
Katilyn Weber (2)

200 Yard IM:
Hannah Guthrie (1)
Elizabeth Bolinger (2)
Emma McNamara (4)

50 Yard Free:
Ashley Nicholas (1)
Cassandra Martin (3)
Alyx Clark (4)
Nikohl Terry (–)
Natalie Vanderpool (–)
Grace Frazier (–)

*(–) means they don’t have a place, but that’s the order they placed

1 mtr Diving:
Katie Blaize (1)

100 Yard Fly:
Ashley Nicholas (1)
Hannah Henning (2)
Madison Cramer (3)

100 Yard Freestyle:
Hannah Denton (1)
Elizabeth Bolinger (2)
Natalie Vanderpool (3)

500 Yard Freestyle:
Madison Cramer (1)
Cassandra Martin (2)
Katilyn Weber (3)

200 Yard Freestyle Relay:
Hannah Henning, Hannah Denton, Hannah Guthrie, Ashley Nicholas (1)
Alyx Clark, Katilyn Weber, Cassandra Martin, Madison Cramer (2)

100 Yard Backstroke:
Hannah Guthrie (1)
Alyx Clark (2)
Nikohl Terry (–) DQ

100 Yard Breaststroke:
Hannah Henning (1)
Emma McNamara (2)

400 Yard Freestyle Relay:
Elizabeth Bolinger, Alyx Clark, Cassandra Martin, Madison Cramer (1)
Nikohl Terry, Grace Frazier, Natalie Vanderpool, Emma McNamara (2)

Congratulations to all the ladies that competed and good luck on the rest of your season. The next meet will be on December 1 at the YMCA in Kendallville, and this will be for both boys and girls. Nice work, East Noble Girls, and keep up the good work!