Swim and Dive Preview

Cassidy Fisher , Writer

The boys’ swim team has excitedly doubled in size and is looking forward to the coming swim season.Many of the swimmers for the boys will be new but will be improving throughout the season with thehelp of returning swimmers Philip Phan, Anthony Phan, Griffin Dafforn-Koebler, Nick Sibert, DawsonMeade, Austin McCulloch, Elijah Shanton, and Ben Kline. The boys’ team is now able to fill more eventswith their size increase and can go to more dual meets.
As for the girls’ team they have sadly lost 8 swimmers/divers from their last season but they’re doing anexcellent job recovering from this loss. As a result from a summer full of training Senior Ashley Nicholshas had a large drop in practice times. Also returning to the girls’ team will be Hannah Denton, AlyxClark, Kaitlyn Weber, Cassandra Martin, Gwen Coddington, and Madison Cramer. Incoming freshmenswimmers will be Emma McNamara, Hannah Guthrie, Elizabeth Bolinger, and Hannah Henning.
Mrs. Disque is looking forward to seeing the talent from both teams grow even more throughout thecourse of the season. Let’s wish good luck to both the teams as they gear up for their season andpractice hard to improve individually.