An Ode to East Noble Cheer


Photo by Terry Lewis

Remy Fisher , Writer

If you’ve ever been to an East Noble football game, basketball game, or even pep rally, you have most likely seen the cheerleaders performing and chanting at the top of their lungs. Cheerleading was just accepted as an official sport here at East Noble, even though cheerleaders are constantly moving, jumping, stunting, and chanting. That’s a lot of work, if you ask me!

Jacqueline Herrera, a sophomore at EN, has some things to say about being a cheerleader.

“This is my first year being on the cheer team, but I have quickly fallen in love with it over the season!” she exclaimed. Jacqueline is on Junior Varsity, and she loves cheering at the football games. She has made many friends while partaking and is anxious to start basketball season, which is approaching soon.

Personally, I think that cheerleading is one of the harder sports out there. Think about it; you have to catch people in midair and memorize cheers, and it’s all at a very fast-paced (while still looking good!). They energize the crowd and get them excited for the game they are watching, as well as rooting for the home team.

In other words, cheerleading is a big part of East Noble athletics. Next time you attend a game, cheer on the cheer team! They work hard at their craft, and they sure do appreciate your enthusiasm.