Girl’s Golf Gets 2nd at Sectionals


The prize the girls took home.

Sahil Patel, Reporter

Last Saturday (September 19, 2015), East Noble hosted Sectionals at Cobblestone. Even though the weather at first was not the best, the players remained strong, and eventually the weather started to clear up and the day was great. For our girls, the outcomes of the match were tremendous. East Noble got second out of 10 teams. Congrats East Noble girl’s golf!

In first was Carroll with a score of 351, in second was East Noble with a score of 368, in third was Columbia City with a score of 380, in fourth was Concord with a score of 400, in fifth was Northridge with a score of 421, in sixth was Goshen with a score of 435, in seventh was West Noble with a score of 458, in eighth was Jimtown with a score of 776, in ninth was Prairie Heights with a score of 510, and in tenth was Fairfield with no score since they did not have a full team. Congratulations to Carroll on your win.

Individual Scores for East Noble were:

Cooper Handshoe with a score of 82
Sara Kilburn with a score of 91
Jenna Hernandez with a score of 93
Shelby Targgart with a score of 102
Brittany Alwine with a score of 114

The overall medalist for Sectionals was Kiersten Murphy from Carroll with a score of 80. In second was our very own Cooper Handshoe from East Noble with a score of 82, and in third was Sarah Banister from Carroll with a score of 83. Great job, girls.

In Sectionals, the top three teams advance to Regionals. The top three individuals not on a team already advancing also get to advance as well. So here are the results we all have been waiting for! The top three teams advancing from our Sectionals are Carroll, East Noble, and Columbia City. The top three individuals that aren’t on a team advancing are Kandi Bach from Prairie Heights with a score of 85, Cate Tompkins from Northridge with a score of 92, and Paige Shearer from West Noble with a score of 92 as well.

Congratulations to all the ladies that competed, and good luck on the rest of your season! The next match for the East Noble Girl’s Golf will be Regionals, which will be held on September 26, 2015 by East Noble at Noble Hawk in Kendallville, Indiana. Throughout Indiana, there are five schools that are holding Regionals. East Noble High School is one of those five schools this year, and that, to me, is pretty cool. Again, congratulations to everyone in Indiana who competed on Saturday, and good luck to everyone next Saturday. It will be a long but fun day for you girls!